There Is No Such Thing As Balance

If you're looking for balance mamas, you're probably not going to find it.  I know I sound like a downer and I KNOW this goes against the whole Supermom, we can do it ALL thing we have going on but the honest truth is..we can't. We can't do it all, at least not all at ONCE.  We can, however, do everything in it's time.  If you have a little ones at home, life can be a little chaotic. Or maybe even a lot chaotic.  But one day before we know it they won't need u… Read more

Loving Lately

Handwoven Jute Area Rug I love this look and how these hold up even in areas with moderate traffic.  I have this exact rug in my oldest's room and love how it contrasts with the navy, gray and dark wood.  It would work in almost any room and is so pretty in person.   Yumble As a working mom of 3 I am all about easy and healthy.  These meals are both of those and ship FREE.  Use code CLEZZO30 to save 30% on your first two weeks of meals.  I figured I would love these but I could not b… Read more

5 Must Read Books for Women

I am a book worm for life but as a mom if I'm going to read it better be good! These books have all touched my soul in one way or another.  Whether you are looking for a good laugh or a good cry each and every one of these books is going to give you all of the feels!  Women take on so many roles.  Whether it's the role of daughter, wife, mother, the career women or maybe all of the above, you are sure to be met with challenges.  These books all offer wisdom, insight, advice an… Read more

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hey all!  I look forward every single July to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I hate to pay full price but do believe in good quality so this is my happy place.  The SALE is live now to all Nordstrom Card members now and things are selling out.  The SALE is open to the public in just a few short days... JULY 20.  Below I shared some of my favorite items. I only share things I have bought or would buy.  I'm a mom of three and love to keep it comfy, simple but still somewhat styli… Read more

Pony Party

This summer is flying by.  Our little girls turned 2 and 5 in June so we celebrated with a joint Pony Party at a local farm here in New Jersey.  I wanted to do something outdoors but since the kids are mostly under 5 a pool type of party didn't make sense and this seemed like a cute idea. The kids rode horses, took a hayride to the barn with a petting area and roamed the farm playing. I love to decorate and although I couldn't do much at the farm I did add some plaid and burl… Read more

To My Teenager, You're Still My World

How on earth do I have a 13 year old? An official teenager. I know, I get it, “time flies", but this is mind blowing. I merely blinked and suddenly here you are, a mister “has an answer for everything, eye rolling” 8th grader. Wasn't I just yesterday following your school bus to Kindergarten worrying if you would find your way? Wondering if you would be safe? Wondering if  your teacher would be nice? Wondering if you would make friends? Well if I can be honest I am still wond… Read more

4th of July Style

I love love love to pick out holiday outfits and 4th of July is no exception to the rule.  I have done some scouting for the cutest 4th of July outfits and posted some of them here. All of these can also be worn throughout the summer and not just for the 4th.  Tons of these are on SALE so shop quick. Click the PHOTOS to shop! Happy 4th! J.  Crew $39.50 $44.95 American Eagle $29.97 SALE $44.95 American Eagle Sugar Fix by BAUBLE BAR $12.97 Universal Thread for Target SALE $12.98  Nords… Read more